Ms. Kevyn Eva Norton

Product Lead, Easy Bites Ap

Course Name: 
How to Apply Behavioural Design and Gamification Strategies
Topics to be covered: 
  • Learn the basics of behavioral design with Ms. Kevyn Eva Norton and look at how it can change how people use digital products like the Easy Bites App and get them more involved.
  • Learn key concepts of gamification, including point systems, badges, and leaderboards, and how these can be integrated into apps to increase user participation and satisfaction.
  • Learn how to make engaging user experiences that inspire and keep users by using Ms. Norton's extensive experience in product creation and user engagement.
  • Examine practical uses of gamification and behavioral design in the Easy Bites App, demonstrating how Ms. Norton led the transition from theory to reality.
  • Take part in an engaging workshop where you will utilize Ms. Norton's professional guidance to apply newly acquired concepts to hypothetical situations, improving your comprehension of the subject matter in real-world contexts.

Ms. Kevyn Eva Norton combines her expertise in behavioral psychology with a robust technical background to lead the product team at Easy Bites App. With over a decade of experience in digital product management and user experience design, she specializes in applying behavioral design and gamification strategies to enhance user engagement and retention.

Under her leadership, the Easy Bites App has seen a significant increase in user activity and satisfaction, establishing the platform as a leader in innovative app engagement strategies. Ms. Norton’s approach involves a deep understanding of user psychology and a commitment to using ethical and effective design principles to influence behavior.

A sought-after speaker and consultant, Ms. Norton has delivered numerous workshops and presentations at industry conferences, sharing her knowledge and inspiring other professionals to incorporate behavioral design in their products.


  • Ms. Norton oversaw the redesign of the Easy Bites App, which included gamification strategies and increased user engagement by 40%.
  • Ms. Norton has been recognized as a trailblazer in applying psychological principles to technology and has been invited to speak at various international tech and design conferences.
  • Ms. Norton regularly leads training sessions and seminars with the goal of encouraging ethical design practices in the tech industry.