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At Tetr, students learn business by building businesses while traveling across the world and getting mentored by top professors & practitioners.
Our Pedagogy
Our Pedagogy

Tetr Transformation Layers:
Rooted in Science & First Principles

Our curriculum is structured around four key tenets.


Focus on applicable skills instead
of rote memorization

Tetr's curriculum is rooted in Workshops, where students learn applied skills in a real world context from experienced practitioners.

Students enroll in gamified & engaging workshops, rather than long theoretical courses
Inspiring practitioners teach what they hire for and what they practice everyday
Learning is driven by real life applicability, rather than by an outdated syllabi & exams
Learn how to find frauds in real balance sheets from a Goldman Sachs Banker
Dive into how to build viral IG campaigns with Tinder's content strategist
Explore how to build AI driven products with OpenAI's Engineering Lead

Internalize your learnings by applying your skills in a real world setting

In each term, Tetr students apply what they learn in class by building real businesses - they work with real customers, create live campaigns, maintain books of accounts and truly get their hands dirty.

Build a eCommerce business selling globally sourced products in Middle East [Term 1]
Launch a D2C brand in fashion accessories catering to rural markets in India [Term 2]
Build a Youtube channel in a niche like personal care or tech & build a loyal community [Term 7]
Pilot an NGO focused on sustainability, community engagement, and positive impact in Ghana [Term 4]
Immerse in full time & paid internships at startups, conglomerates & global NGOs [Summers]

Cultivate a global perspective through exposure to 8 unique cities

Anchor yourself to ground realities underlying everything, right from bazaars to large conglomerates, across developed and developing countries.

Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of Singapore. Singapore National Museum.
Immerse into the business of Soccer at Flamengo, Brazil's most famous football club
Explore the business of high fashion at the Milan Fashion Week
Dissect how business in India unfolds with the leadership of Indian Unicorns, Zomato & PayTM
Delve into hackers' minds at the world's top hackers conference at Black Hat USA

Go beyond skills - but mindsets & value systems too

Engage in deliberate inner engineering, manage your psychology and flex your mental muscles, just as much as your business muscles.

Learn & practice proven mental models to maximize performance and well being
Spend mandated time in group reflection therapies & journaling to nurture self development
From Yoga to Tai Chi, find the physical therapy that works the best for you

An ambitious mission needs ambitious people.

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