Mr. Thomas Kuruvilla

Managing Partner, Arthur D. Little Middle East

Course Name: 
How to Develop and Implement Effective Management Strategies
Topics to be covered: 
  • Mr. Thomas Kuruvilla's many years of experience as a management consultant will help you learn basic management strategies and principles and how to apply them in different business settings.
  • Use Mr. Kuruvilla's experience at Arthur D. Little Middle East to learn how to make strategic plans that fit with business goals and put them into action well.
  • Gain insights from Mr. Kuruvilla's successful leadership in transforming businesses to find cutting-edge management strategies that drive innovation and operational excellence.
  • Learn how organizations change and how to handle it well to keep growth going, using strategies that Mr. Kuruvilla has perfected through his work with global companies.
  • Develop critical leadership skills that foster a productive and innovative workplace environment, reflecting Mr. Kuruvilla’s practices and leadership philosophy.

Mr. Thomas Kuruvilla brings over two decades of experience in management consulting, currently serving as the Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little Middle East. His expertise spans strategic planning, business transformation, and innovation management, making him a sought-after leader and strategist in the consulting industry.

Mr. Kuruvilla has played a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation for numerous multinational corporations. His approach combines analytical rigor with a keen understanding of the competitive landscape, helping firms navigate complex market dynamics.

Under Mr. Kuruvilla's leadership, Arthur D. Little Middle East has seen substantial growth, becoming a leading consultancy known for its strategic insights and transformative solutions. His leadership extends beyond business strategy to include significant contributions to the development of management theories and practices.

Mr. Kuruvilla is dedicated to teaching the next generation of leaders about the importance of ethical leadership and environmentally friendly business practices. His work includes initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion within the corporate world.

Associated Universities

University of Maryland | Etheros Labs


  • Mr. Kuruvilla is a part-time faculty member at multiple Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), where he teaches International Business Strategy, Family Conglomerate Strategy & Governance, and Strategy/Management Consulting. He is also a member of the industry advisory panel at SP Jain School of Global Management.
  • Mr. Kuruvilla is an active speaker at conferences, focusing on Corporate Governance, International Business Strategy, Turnaround Management, and Corporate Venturing. His insights are sought after for their depth and relevance to current business and economic climates.
  • He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kerala University and an MBA from Melbourne Business School, Australia/Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. Mr. Kuruvilla is also on the boards of several family businesses in the Middle East.
  • Before his tenure at Arthur D. Little, he worked with Larsen & Toubro and was selected as a pilot officer with the Indian Air Force.