Mr. Mihir Mankad

Professor, Harvard University

Course Name: 
How to Master Effective Communication Techniques
Topics to be covered: 
  • Learn the basic ideas and rules that make conversation work, with examples from a variety of business settings.
  • Look at how bargaining, persuasion, and conflict settlement are affected by strategic communication in the business world.
  • Learn useful techniques for improving clarity, interest, and effect when you talk in public and give presentations.
  • Understand the nuances of digital communication, including social media strategies and managing virtual teams effectively.
  • Develop skills to negotiate and communicate effectively in diverse cultural environments, crucial for global business interactions.

Professor Mihir Mankad has a distinguished career at Harvard University, where he teaches leadership and communication techniques. Mr. Mankad offers a distinctive viewpoint on the craft of communication because of his extensive background in both theoretical academics and real-world applications.

Mr. Mankad is the creator of a number of workshops and courses aimed at improving corporate and interpersonal communication skills.  His method combines practical business situations with psychological insights, making his lessons extremely applicable right away.

Mr. Mihir's education includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Psychology from Stanford University, where he played on the national tennis team; an MBA with honors from the Kellogg School of Management; and a mid-career MPA from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, where he was a Mason Fellow and John Kenneth Galbraith Presidential Scholar.

His academic credentials are strengthened by a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of California, where he conducted groundbreaking research on communication barriers in multinational corporations. Mr. Mankad’s professional experience includes consulting for Fortune 500 companies, providing expert advice on communication strategies, and improving organizational dynamics.

Associated Universities

Harvard University | Indian School of Business, Hyderabad | Tufts University


  • Mr. Mihir Mankad has established himself as a leading educator and communicator with significant achievements across academic, corporate, and media sectors. As an award-winning Professor of Practice in Leadership Communication, he has impacted the lives of thousands through his highly subscribed courses, such as "The Arts of Communication," which became the most enrolled elective at the Fletcher School over six years. 
  • Beyond academia, Mr Mankad has facilitated over 100 executive training groups globally, including diplomats, defense ministry officials, and senior police officers from various countries, enhancing their communication and leadership skills. 
  • He has been nominated for The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy's Paddock Teaching award and has also received the Tufts University Teaching with Technology award.
  • Mr. Mankad's influence extends into media through his tenure as a national TV anchor in India, where he hosted significant events like the Olympics and the Cricket World Cup, engaging audiences in the millions. His background also includes strategic roles at top consulting firms like McKinsey and Bain, and leadership in global initiatives at the Clinton Foundation.