Mr. Manoj Kohli

Former Country Head, Softbank

Course Name: 
How to Implement Digital Technology for Business Transformation
Topics to be covered: 
  • Learn how to formulate and execute digital strategies to drive business transformation in diverse global contexts.
  • Explore cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT, and understand their potential applications in business transformation.
  • Understand the challenges and best practices for managing organizational change in response to digital disruptions.
  • Analyze real-world case studies and gain insights from industry experts to understand successful digital transformation initiatives across various sectors.
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and explore innovative approaches to leveraging digital technologies for business growth and competitive advantage.

Mr. Manoj Kohli, Former Country Head of SoftBank India; boasts a remarkable career spanning over 45 years across diverse industries and over 30 countries. He began his journey in 1979, holding leadership positions in HR within the Refrigeration, Chemical, and Food industries. Mr. Kohli's contributions extended to the creation of Infratel and Indus, the world's largest tower company, showcasing his strategic foresight.

Presently, he guides SoftBank's portfolio companies in India, including industry leaders like OYO and Ola, on navigating regulatory environments and achieving strategic growth. 

He held CEO and VP positions at DCM Shriram, honing his management skills. Later, he led a mobile startup, Escorts Limited, further solidifying his expertise.  

Mr. Manoj Kohli is committed to guiding entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to build profitable businesses with integrated scalability. He helps create strong brands and develop AI-led solutions for multi-segment customer satisfaction.

Associated Universities 

Michigan Business School | HK University

Associated Organizations 

SoftBank | OYO | OLA | Bharti Airtel | DCM Shriram | Escorts Limited


  • During his tenure as CEO (International) and Managing Director, Mr. Manoj Kohli led Bharti Airtel's Africa operations, orchestrating strategic initiatives and achieving noteworthy milestones in the company's growth trajectory.
  • Mr. Kohli's leadership was instrumental in propelling Bharti Airtel to become a global telecommunications giant, expanding its customer base from 2 million to over 400 million.
  • He was awarded ‘Telecom Person of the Year’ and ‘Telecom Man of the Year’ by Voice and Data and Media TransAsia, respectively, in 2000.
  • Mr. Kohli actively contributed as a member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Management Studies at HK University, enriching the institution's academic landscape with his expertise.
  • Mr. Manoj Kohli engaged in the Executive Business Program at the Michigan Business School.