Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dr. Shad Morris

Professor, MIT Sloan

Course Name: 
How to Build High-Performance Teams
Topics to be covered: 
  • Discover effective collaboration and team dynamics strategies emphasizing practical application and real-world relevance.
  • Gain insights into leadership excellence and innovative leadership practices to empower and inspire high-performance teams.
  • Understand the significance of trust and psychological safety in fostering team cohesion and peak performance.
  • Develop skills in conflict resolution and decisive decision-making processes essential for team success.
  • Explore the value of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation and maximizing team potential.

Dr. Shad Morris holds a PhD in organizational behavior from Cornell University. He has shared his expertise at esteemed institutions including The Ohio State University, Samsung’s SKK Graduate School, and MIT, enriching minds across diverse academic landscapes.

Dr. Morris exemplifies a commitment to societal betterment. He joined organizations like the Grameen Foundation with a clear mission to alleviate poverty. In addition to his volunteer work, Dr. Morris developed invaluable onboarding systems for internship programs, highlighting his dedication to practical solutions.

Each of his publications provides practical wisdom for navigating the ever-changing dynamics of talent management and HR. From "An Architectural Framework for Global Talent Management" to "Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management" and "Catching Falling Stars," his impactful work reflects his deep understanding of today's challenges.

Associated Universities:

MIT Sloan School of Management | Fisher College of Business | Ohio State University | SKK GSB Sungkyunkwan University, Samsung | Brigham Young University


  • Dr. Morris's scholarly impact reverberates across the academic landscape, evident by the publication of over 30 scholarly articles and the co-authorship of 5 seminal books. 
  • He has contributed to esteemed publications such as the Harvard Business Review. His acclaimed publications, including "Catching Falling Stars," have garnered international acclaim for their innovative approach to addressing pressing HR challenges.
  • Among his notable achievements, Dr. Morris's tenure at Alcoa and the World Bank exemplifies his practical acumen in translating theoretical frameworks into actionable strategies. 
  • Dr. Morris's illustrious career encompasses a faculty fellowship at the esteemed MIT Sloan School of Management. Currently serving as an advisor at InternationalHub, he is also a Business Professor at his alma mater, Brigham Young University.