Dr. Edward Rogers

Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

Course Name: 
How to Master the Art of Managing Complexities
Topics to be covered: 
  • Gain insights into complex systems management with a focus on aerospace applications, drawing from Dr. Edward Rogers' extensive experience as the Former CKO of NASA.
  • Explore advanced risk management strategies used in aerospace and other high-stakes industries. 
  • Learn decision-making frameworks used in space missions and other complex projects to navigate uncertainty and achieve mission success.
  • Understand the importance of stakeholder management and communication in aerospace projects, leveraging Dr. Rogers' experience in collaborating with diverse teams and stakeholders at NASA.
  • Develop adaptive leadership skills to lead teams through change and uncertainty in aerospace and other dynamic environments.

Dr. Edward Rogers has 17 years of rich experience as the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Rogers spearheaded the development of innovative knowledge management practices including Road to Mission Success Workshop Series and the Pause and Learn Process, designed to enhance project management and organisational learning. Dr. Rogers also served as the GSFC Ombudsman.

Dr. Edward Rogers' academic background is equally impressive. He holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, where his research focused on fostering cooperation within high-tech firms. 

Dr. Edward Rogers' passion for teaching extends beyond the classroom. Dr. Rogers brings his expertise to Washington D.C., guest lecturing at federal agencies and sharing his knowledge with government professionals.  Dr. Rogers' dedication to mentorship continues at TurboHire, where he works with recruiters to help them solve problems and excel in their field.

Associated Universities:

MIT Sloan School of Management | Fisher College of Business | Ohio State University | SKK GSB Sungkyunkwan University, Samsung | Brigham Young University


  • Dr. Edward Rogers retired from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center after a distinguished career. During his tenure as Maryland's Chief Knowledge Officer, he earned the prestigious Exceptional Service Medal in 2010.
  • He authored over 50 NASA-specific case studies, which enrich educational materials and provide valuable insights into the challenges and solutions of space exploration.
  • For over a decade, Dr. Rogers has shared his expertise as a visiting faculty member at the Indian School of Business, shaping future generations of global business leaders.
  • At Mayjer Enterprises LLC, Dr. Edward Rogers leverages his expertise to provide consulting services, executive training programs, and impactful keynote speeches, empowering professionals to achieve new heights in their careers.
  • Dr. Edward Rogers gave a TEDx talk at the Chennai Institute of Technology where he shared his ideas on the theme "Beyond the Horizon," sparking inspiration and challenging listeners to think outside the box.