Mr. Jamie Anderson

Professor, INSEAD, LBS

Course Name: 
How to Architect Supply Chain Stability using Efficiency Strategies
Topics to be covered: 
  • Learn how to create an effective supply chain that can adapt to disruptions, including natural, geopolitical, and market fluctuations, from Mr. Jamie Anderson.
  • Explore the foundational concepts, practical approaches, and emerging trends to achieve supply chain stability and sustainability successfully.
  • Master the art of identifying and mitigating supply chain risks and learn how to create a business continuity plan to ensure no disruption in the supply chain process.
  • Understand the role of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, IoT, AI, and automation, in data analysis and predictions for supply chain efficiency.
  • Under the expert guidance of Mr. Anderson, learn how to integrate strategies for optimal supply chain stability through different case studies and projects.

Jamie Anderson is an author, professor, keynote speaker, Boutique hotel owner, and three-time TedX speaker who loves interacting with people worldwide. He is the managing director and founder of the Flandrien Hotel Belgium.

He is a visiting professor in many top schools, universities, and institutions worldwide, like Said Business School - University of Oxford, INSEAD Executive Education, Duke Corporate Education, Indian School of Business, ESMT, Columbia Business School, London Business School, and IMD Business School.

He is also a professor of leadership and strategy at Antwerp Management School for the last 14 years. He teaches entrepreneurship, business strategy, leadership development, and many other programs at these universities.

Associated Universities 

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford | INSEAD Executive Education | Duke Corporate Education |  Antwerp Management School | Indian School of Business | ESMT Berlin | Columbia Business School | London Business School | IMD Business School

Associated Organizations

Flandrien Hotel


  • Mr. Jamie Anderson’s Flandrien Hotel has gained a worldwide reputation as one of the foremost destinations for people passionate about personal growth and biking.
  • He has been named the ‘Management Guru’ by the Financial Times and the World’s Top 25 Management Thinkers by the Journal Business Strategy Review.
  • Mr. Anderson has been described as a stand-up strategist for making his speeches fun and engaging for participants.
  • His articles have been published in top international journals, such as the Journal of Business Strategy, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and the MIT Sloan Management Review. His thoughts have also been cited in publications like Business Week, the Economist, and the Financial Times.