Mr. AJ Boelens

Professor, Nanyang Business School

Course Name: 
How to Excel in Customer Centricity through Design Thinking Principles
Topics to be covered: 
  • Master the key concepts, techniques, and design thinking tools from Mr. AJ Boelens and learn how to use them to create customer-focused and innovative solutions.
  • Learn how to use customer persona, empathy maps, and journey mapping to understand customer pain points and needs to excel in customer centricity.
  • Gain the expertise and skills to foster a customer-centric mindset through case studies, practical exercises, and Mr. Boelens’s interactive sessions.
  • Explore the techniques for creative problem solving, encouraging divergent thinking within teams, and brainstorming for improving customer satisfaction.
  • Discover how to design seamless customer journeys by incorporating design thinking into service design and creating memorable customer interactions from Mr. AJ Boelens.

Mr. AJ Boelens is a highly skilled and experienced corporate consultant, innovator, and facilitator. He is a seasoned expert focused on customer-centric strategy, innovation, and marketing. 

Mr. Boelens offers senior management guidance on realigning strategy, personnel, and procedures to optimize customer value and establish a more vital customer-focused organization.

He is a Managing Partner at Commercial Excellence Partners, Managing Director at Innovation Connected, and Co-Owner at EGN Singapore. Before this, he was an adjunct faculty member at Nanyang Business School, where he designed and taught a four-model program that introduced PMBA/MBA/EMBA to students.

He has also participated in executive education engagement programs at top business schools, such as Oxford, Duke, NTU, and Cambridge. Mr. Boelens holds an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from HKUST Business School.

Associated Universities

Nanyang Business School |Oxford | Duke | NTU | Cambridge |HKUST MBA

Associated Organizations

Commercial Excellence Partner | Innovation Connected | EGN Singapore | Human Inc | The Economist | BASF | Siemens Healthcare | Excelliance Corporate Training | Wall Street English


  • Mr. AJ Boelens has successfully helped his clients understand the three main challenges - developing an innovation strategy, becoming more customer-centric, and including a design thinking and agile innovation culture through his consulting projects and training.
  • While working as the Director of Strategy and Insights at The Economist, he increased the company's revenue by 27% by building awareness and comprehensive marketing campaigns.
  • As a Marketing Excellence Consultant at BASF, he delivered over 8 million Euros and 10 million Euros in forecasted revenue from value pricing consulting projects and product launch consulting projects, respectively.
  • In his first organization, he handled business development and opened two new centers in Shenzhen.